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Coral Ridge Towers Original

3233 NE 34 Street

Coral Ridge Towers Original is one of several sixteen story Fort Lauderdale condos bearing the Coral Ridge Towers name, all of which are located near North Ocean Boulevard and are right across the road from the coastline of Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Despite the age, Coral Ridge Towers Original offers the excellent residences plus a lifestyle that can only be found in South Florida.

Swimming pools, beautiful courtyards, a fitness center with a machine for toning every muscle group, it's all at Coral Ridge Towers Original.  In addition to all the great amenities, Coral Ridge Towers Original also has modern units with plenty of bedrooms and residential features like roomy balconies and much more.  You'll find plenty of variety at Coral Ridge Towers Original.

Because Coral Ridge Towers Original is so close to the beach, that might become a frequent spot but there are many places to explore near Coral Ridge Towers Original.  If you need more to do, cities like Hollywood which have their own beach and nightlife are also near Coral Ridge Towers Original.