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Bay Colony & Landings

You’ll need to explore the northeastern side of the city if you want to find the community of Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale.  It’s got all of the essentials to make the most of your Fort Lauderdale living experience.  On top of beautifully manicured streets, Bay Colony homes are close to several trendy shopping like the Cypress Shopping Center as well as a plethora of entertainment and educational establishments.  For the most part, Bay Colony real estate is considered luxury property so space and numerous features are a given.

Landings Fort Lauderdale on the other hand functions more as a subdivision, one you’ll find towards the west of the waterway.  Sharing some qualities with Bay Colony, the Landings homes in Fort Lauderdale tend to be scattered liberally in terms of location but are usually closer to the waterfront.  Nonetheless, Landings real estate has more of a disparity in price so you’ll find a strong assortment of residences at varying prices.  Should you choose Bay Colony & Landings, you’ll enjoy complimentary membership to the Landings Boat Club.

The Las Olas district is very close by offering tons of entertainment, shopping and waterfront dining.