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Lauderdale Harbors & Rio Vista

Lauderdale Harbors Fort Lauderdale is a waterfront neighborhood well known for its two story homes as well as collection of residences designed to emulate a ranch lifestyle.  With a broad selection of Lauderdale Harbors homes available you can choose a nice spacious single family home or a lavish pseudo estate with all of the extra bells and whistles like sprawling yards and more.  Some of the standard features you’ll find in Lauderdale Harbors real estate include French doors and boat docks.  Lauderdale Harbors is just north of the Southport Shopping Center and the private Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Rio Vista Fort Lauderdale is northwest of Lauderdale Harbors and contains more of a balance between waterfront and interior homes.  All of the waterfront Rio Vista homes overlook a small body of water or you can opt for one of the residences that more closely emulate a traditional neighborhood within the interior.  Rio Vista is next to Federal Highway to the west and just south of Holiday Park.