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Lauderdale Isles, Shady Banks & Riverland

Not far from the Intracoastal Waterway and major roadways like 441 and Interstate 95 is the conveniently placed and quite scenic Lauderdale Isles Fort Lauderdale.  You’ll also notice the top schools and colleges like Broward Community College and Nova Southeastern University that are near the Lauderdale Isles homes.  The residences themselves are designed to fall under the category of single family and come with residential features like wood flooring, spacious walk-in closets and much more.  With their numerous features, excellent design and huge square footage, Lauderdale Isles is a great place to call home and the excellent waterfront location makes it hard not to at least consider.

The community of Riverland is next door to Lauderdale Isles and is also where you’ll find Riverland Woods.  The southernmost Riverland homes overlook the water and also have a view of the curiously named Secret Woods Park.  To the northeast of Riverland and across from Interstate 95 is Shady Banks Fort Lauderdale.  It too features a few waterfront Shady Banks homes but for the most part the majority of residences are considered interior homes.  Shady Banks is also directly south and next to Davie Boulevard.