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Rio Vista Isles

Las Olas Isles Fort Lauderdale consists of a series of narrow land masses located south of Las Olas Boulevard.  The community is part of a large collective of island neighborhoods that are almost entirely surrounded by water.   You’ll find a number of single family Las Olas Isles homes and boat docks as a standard feature in most.

Considering they’re all island homes, you already have a good idea of what Las Olas Isles real estate is all about.  On top of a superb waterfront and quiet location, Las Olas Isles puts you about ten minutes from Fort Lauderdale Beach which can be found to the east.  Best of all, you can experience all the best of the Las Olas area oftentimes without having to drive.  These are just a few of the perks of choosing to live in Las Olas Isles.